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#First-YearEmployee, Shin Seung-Jae

Ep.5 A Person with Diverse Interests

Amorepacific Laneige Brand Activation Team Shin Seung-Jae

Shin Seung-Jae from Amorepacific Laneige Brand Activation Team is working on global digital marketing. Since his student days, he has had a keen interest in various fields, studying fine arts and digital media and accumulating internship experience at several companies. Initially, he considered his broad but shallow interests a weakness, but now he views them as a solid asset. Let's discover his five keywords in AmoreStories My Hashtag.






I joined Amorepacific in January 2023. Though I majored in graphic design in the United States and gained experience in various fields, including fine arts, I always had a lot of concern about my career. Looking back, I believe those times made me stronger. Based on my education and experience, I enjoy working and communicating with the design teams of overseas corporations and related departments. Having majored in design, I think that a significant advantage I have is using designers' language in explaining what marketing materials are needed.





I was amazed when the results of the projects I participated in were revealed to many people. I feel exhilarated when the content I planned and created appears in digital media and outdoor advertisements, when colleagues recognize it, and when it yields good results. The first project I took on after joining the company was creating content related to Laneige Perfect Renew, which remains a memorable experience. I look forward to even more opportunities as I get more years under my belt.





I have done more internships than my friends, having completed about five so far. I interned at magazine companies, startups, and beauty brands during my school years, traversing between Korea and the United States. Given my wide range of interests, I worked in various companies across different fields. These diverse internship experiences greatly help me in the beauty industry and marketing. I consider them a significant asset.





Initially, I was so busy adapting to the company that I would fall asleep when I got home. I'm nearing my first year and trying to establish my life pattern. One way is by revisiting my hobby of film photography. I'm inspired by nature, so I mostly take landscape photos. Film photography is a slow and inconvenient process, where you can't immediately see the results, and each shot must be carefully taken. But that's precisely what I find charming about film photography.





I visit the Amorepacific Museum of Art whenever there's an exhibition. I also attend external lectures organized by the company. Amorepacific, though a beauty company, deeply values the humanities, arts, and architecture. Last September, I particularly enjoyed a lecture by David Chipperfield, the architect who designed the Amorepacific headquarters. It was thrilling to hear lectures from architects I admire. Amorepacific feels like a place that nurtures people who have diverse interests, enabling them to excel in their work.







‘My Hashtag’ shares your colleagues' thoughts on working at Amorepacific and sees how they are making a more beautiful life. The series uses five keywords to share their different lifestyles. Those keywords will help you find out what beauty each of them has in themselves.



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