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#CITYLabResearcher, Ko Eun-bi

Urban Researcher Studying Customers’ Skin

Amorepacific Clinical Research Lab Ko Eun-bi

Located in the Amorepacific headquarters in Yongsan District, ‘Amore CITY Lab’ welcomes customers more openly than any other laboratory. Ko Eun-bi, a nine-year veteran researcher at the lab, meets with customers experiencing various skin concerns, offers consultations, and proposes specific solutions. Born and raised in Jeju Island, where she grew to love nature and yoga, she believes that beyond using good products, changing one’s lifestyle habits and environment, and taking good care of one’s mind contribute to healthy skin. She finds her greatest joy in seeing customers’ lives change positively through consultations. Discover the five keywords about Ko Eun-bi in Amore Stories My Hashtag.






I work as a researcher at the ‘Urban Beauty Laboratory’ Amore CITY Lab. For healthy skin, it’s crucial to diagnose one’s inherent skin properties and current condition accurately and objectively. Beyond meticulously diagnosing skin with equipment and providing solutions, I assist customers in leading a healthy lifestyle through genetic diagnostics. For example, whether one is a morning or evening person or better suited for strength or aerobic exercises, I diagnose these aspects directly linked to their lives through DNA analysis. Recently, we’ve been preparing ways to manage customers more conveniently without time and space constraints by introducing AI technology.





During skin consultations, it’s natural for people to open up about their lives and concerns. This is because the environment surrounding them and stress affect their skin. Many customers have shared that they experienced emotional healing after their skin consultations. Before working at Amore CityLab, achieving success was my greatest source of happiness. But now, helping others find happiness has become my most immense joy. I feel a sense of responsibility towards the people who take time out of their busy schedules to visit CITY Lab. I consider it a great fortune to witness their satisfaction and emotion firsthand.





I’ve spent a long time with the researchers at Amore CITY Lab, and we boast strong teamwork as a result. Although CITY Lab is a laboratory, we often need to make quick decisions due to our customer-facing roles. All members share a strong empathy for the mission of “making customers’ skin healthy,” which speeds up our decision-making process. Our task distribution is precise, and we trust each other and respect each other’s decisions.





My hometown is Jeju Island. The fact that I’m from Jeju played a significant role in my dream of becoming a scientist. Since I was young, I traveled a lot to the mountains and seas with my parents. I particularly enjoyed climbing the oreum (volcanic cones) on dark nights to observe the stars pouring down. That’s when my curiosity about the universe and nature grew, and my imagination became richer. Even now, I visit Jeju Island more than twice a year to climb the oreum with my family or enjoy golf, living a life close to nature.





I started practicing yoga when I was nineteen years old. During my graduate studies, many colleagues at the lab complained of back and neck pain due to improper posture. Simple yoga poses can straighten one’s posture and alleviate pain. That’s how I began teaching yoga poses to my colleagues, and my interest grew to the point of obtaining a level 1 yoga instructor certificate. Through breathing and practice, yoga cares for physical health and mental well-being, similar to the counseling at CITY Lab. In the distant future, if I expand the research institute into a Beauty & Wellness Center, I’d love to teach people how to strengthen their body and mind muscles through yoga.








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