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Reaching Out to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Jungwon Heo, Creative Center Senior Vice President

At Amorepacific's Creative Center, the core of all our efforts revolves around the customer – how they feel, understand, and react to our products and services. In this edition of A! People, we delve into the story of the Creative Center with its Senior Vice President, Jungwon Heo. Discover more through the link below!





Please introduce yourself.
Hello, I am Jungwon Heo, the Senior Vice President of the Creative Center. I have been with Amorepacific for 10 years now. Prior to joining Amorepacific, I began my career as a mobile designer in the electronics industry. Currently, I lead the Creative Center at Amorepacific, where we manage a wide array of projects spanning products, spaces, and content.



Could you introduce the Creative Center at Amorepacific?
The Creative Center is the hub of creativity at Amorepacific, steering the creative vision for our brands and channels from an organizational perspective. We establish the creative direction for our company and brands, design products and communication content, and plan and curate offline spaces where customers can immerse themselves in the diverse brands and tangible heritage of Amorepacific.



Is there a project unique to Amorepacific Creative Center that you can share?
There are many noteworthy projects, but I would like to highlight the Bukchon House of Perfumers, which has garnered significant interest and positive feedback from our customers. Although many of Amorepacific’s brands develop and utilize diverse scents in their promotional content, this project was conceived to showcase our technological prowess and long-standing research in fragrance from a heritage standpoint. We are committed to promoting our beauty heritage through various projects and aim to engage with customers on a global scale.





Could you share your vision and plans for the future?
The Amorepacific Creative Center is committed to proactively exploring novel experimental approaches on a continuous basis to ensure customers can experience and resonate with everything Amorepacific has to offer at various touchpoints. We aim to broaden our areas of innovation, including utilizing cutting-edge generative AI apps, and to evolve technologically to unlock limitless possibilities in our creative endeavors. We appreciate your support as we strive to enhance the appeal of our brands and products and create unparalleled customer experiences.






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