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#Packaging Researcher, Oh Hyung-taek

EP10. A Change with the Earth in Mind

Amorepacific Package Research Team Oh Hyung-taek

Like small ripples that come together to create a mighty wave, Oh Hyung-taek researches small but significant environmental changes. As a member of Amorepacific package research team, he focuses on eco-friendly packaging. His love for diverse landscapes worldwide and his passion for traveling naturally led to his interest in environmental sustainability. Living with his whimsical cat, Nar, Oh Hyung-taek shares his keywords in AmoreStories My Hashtag.






#Packaging Researcher
I am Oh Hyung-taek from the SCM Unit’s Development & Procurement Department, specifically the Package Research Team. After five years in the packaging development team, I moved to the research team. Here, I focus on verifying and implementing new ideas that were previously postponed due to the concentration on new product development. Every quarter, I quickly grasp new technologies, ESG-related regulations, and the latest trends in packaging to create and share packaging trend reports with relevant departments. One memorable achievement from the research team was replacing the metal spring in pumps with plastic injection, resulting in the first domestic commercialization of the metal-free pump.1)


1) Metal Zero Pump





#Research for the Earth
I am in charge of the ESG segment on the team. I visit pop-up events of newly released products and attend packaging seminars and exhibitions to gather ideas for environmentally friendly packaging. The variety of plastic types and recycling methods is indeed vast. We look into replacing traditional plastics with flexible packaging materials like pouches and tubes and explore chemical recycling methods, which are more eco-friendly than physical recycling, to reduce waste.





#My Unique Way of Traveling
I love traveling so much that I go on trips three to four times a year. During my travels, I often try various experiences, like wearing the traditional attire of the country I visit. I also enjoy setting themes for each city I explore. Recently, I traveled to the Netherlands and France. In Amsterdam, I relished the romance and leisure of the canals, while in Paris, I immersed myself in art, culture, and desserts.





#Cat Butler
I have been living with my cat, Nar, for ten years. Nar loves to eat and has an adorably silly charm. Sometimes, Nar enjoys romantic walks on the rooftop. Thanks to Nar, I developed a fondness for cats, and now I collect cat-related souvenirs during my travels.





Oh Hyung-taek’s Recruitment Tips

The Package Research Team I belong to studies new packaging types and ESG segments that can be applied to new products. The Technical Support part advises the development team, solving issues based on product development and specialized knowledge.
In the research team, having an investigative aptitude is crucial. This aptitude underpins the creativity and problem-solving abilities required for researching new packaging.
The future direction for packaging is ‘ESG.’ Understanding essential eco-friendly elements in packaging research and development—such as Reduce, Replace, and Recycle—and recognizing the current limitations of eliminating all plastics can set you apart from other applicants. Being sensitive to ESG trends while proficient in design programs like AutoCAD, NX, CATIA, and SolidWorks will be a significant advantage.






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