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2022 DTC 소셜 판매 전략

지난 10년간 DTC 브랜드 대부분은 밀레니얼의 취향에 부합했습니다. 2022년에 DTC 브랜드는 이러한 규범을 넘어 새로운 우선 순위를 가진 젊은 소셜 쇼핑객들에게 다가가기 위해 진화하고 있으며, 특히 소비자들과의 디지털 소통에 힘을 싣고 있습니다. 

Action points

1. Marry content and commerce

Social accounts focused on producing inspirational, educational and narrative-based content will fare far better than their retail-first counterparts, as consumers grow tired of paid social ads. Launch story-driven campaigns that educate or entertain shoppers with interesting and useful content

2. Seek out niche channels

DTC is all about deepening connection, and this can often be achieved more effectively on smaller-scale platforms or through more relatable voices. Curated newsletters, informative livestreams and connecting with consumers via direct messages are all methods to carve out deeper and more meaningful relationships

3. Encourage co-creation

DTC brands should tap into their fanbase’s preferences and work in harmony with them, rather than selling to them. Crowdsourcing consumer likes and dislikes via social polls and conducting exclusive Instagram Lives, Zoom calls or launching special Slack channels to gauge consumers' interests is key in this era of co-creation

4. Invest in thoughtful production

Brands should use their close community ties and ability to monitor interests to plan production accordingly. This strategy will enable brands to minimise waste and maximise impact by lending an ear to what fans truly want. They'll be able to deliver tailor-made products and drive loyalty and repeat purchases

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