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#WellPreparedHandsomeMan, Park Subin

A Person Who Radiates Pleasant Vitality

Amorepacific's Grooming Brand Team Park Subin

Does happiness indeed spread? Witnessing Park Subin from Amorepacific's Grooming Brand Team, one is reminded of this warm adage as he disseminates delightful energy to those around him. Whether uploading dance challenges of his favorite K-pop choreographies or documenting his well-maintained physique through exercise, what fuels his energy to reveal himself boldly? Let's uncover through five keywords in AmoreStories My Hashtag.






As a brand manager, I identify the beauty trends of men in their 20s and 30s, plan these insights into products, and oversee their marketing post-launch. Amorepacific's B.READY targets men who enjoy diverse subcultures and express themselves confidently. We refer to such personas as ‘WPHM,’ a shorthand for ‘Well-Prepared Handsome Man.’ A product I'd recommend to them is B.READY's TRUE TONE LOTION, designed to naturally refine the skin, co-developed with cosmetic ingredient specialist YouTuber ‘Director Pi’ to enhance its credibility. Its design makes it stand as an objet d'art on an office table with its neat execution.





After completing my Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry, I joined Amorepacific's Makeup Advanced Technology Lab. I worked on new materials, UV-blocking substances, and lip-makeup-products formulations, developing products for many Amorepacific brands, such as HERA, LANEIGE, and innisfree. However, I found the position of Brand Manager (BM), which engages in the entire process from planning to design and marketing, to be fascinating and transferred to the B.READY team. Having worked as a researcher, I find it advantageous to clearly convey the brand's material and formulation needs to the lab and easily explain detailed issues from the research process to my team members.





I consider communication paramount. My friendly and positive tone can quickly turn even the stiffest meeting atmosphere warm and friendly. My kindness stems from my love for people and my inquisitive nature. I particularly enjoy paying attention to colleagues' moods, offering empathy, and sharing positive energy. When I see colleagues looking down, I often suggest a coffee break to initiate conversation. Hearing that they felt better through our talks brings me great pride.





I have participated in two body profile photoshoots, planning for about three months of preparation each time. During this period, I would start my day early with fasting cardio at the company gym and enjoy a balanced ‘Healthy Pack’ at the cafeteria, rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables. Initially, my goal was dieting, but having beautiful photos to document how well I took care of myself in my youth is rewarding. The dedication to preparing for the body profile photoshoot has become a habit, and I continue to work out 3-4 times a week at the gym.





I always warm up my body and mind with K-pop on my way to work. My love for K-pop began in elementary school, enjoying SES songs. And two decades later, my tastes have not changed (laugh). I've been attending a dance school for the past two years, consistently taking K-pop dance and choreography classes. With the current trend of dance challenges, practicing dances to idol songs and uploading dance challenge videos on social media has become a simple pleasure. I've completed challenges to songs by NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, and Seventeen. Stay tuned for my next dance challenge song!







‘My Hashtag’ shares your colleagues' thoughts on working at Amorepacific and sees how they are making a more beautiful life. The series uses five keywords to share their different lifestyles. Those keywords will help you find out what beauty each of them has in themselves.



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