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Appreciating A Cup of Tea in Everyday Life

OSULLOC PD Team Kim Dae-gun

Kim Dae-gun of the OSULLOC PD Team develops tea menus that can be enjoyed in everyday life. Although sensitive to alcohol and caffeine, he finds tea drinking worry-free. Captivated by the comforting allure of tea, accessible to people of all ages and genders, he blends various teas, entwining five vital elements into his life, which we introduce in Amorepacific's My Hashtag.






I develop recipes by blending various tea beverages. Previously, I dreamt of becoming a hotelier because I enjoyed conversing with people. However, while preparing for my sommelier and barista certifications, I discovered my sensitivity to alcohol and caffeine. This naturally led me to tea, which is gentle and offers a fun experience due to its variety of flavors and aromas. Discovering new ways of enjoying tea, like trying teas infused with vanilla or strawberry, was enlightening. I became immersed in tea's charm, an enjoyable experience I can share with everyone, from children to the elderly.





I recently took an inspiration trip to Kyoto. The basic matcha I tried in a restaurant, which served steak rice bowls, was so memorable. The restaurant's sign read, “We serve matcha produced from our farm,” which reminded me of OSULLOC. OSULLOC cultivates and commercializes tea directly from its Jeju farm. It's rare to find a global tea brand that owns its farms. I keep Jeju in mind when developing menus, especially for signature stores like the OSULLOC Bukchon branch.





I often visit exhibitions on weekends, including teaware exhibitions. Getting to know various artists led me to start collecting teaware. Consequently, my home's storage is now filled with it. Realizing there was no space for new items, I stopped acquiring more. Instead, I learned the art of kintsugi, the Japanese method of repairing pottery to mend damaged teaware. This led to crafting my tea instruments like tea scoops and whisks from wood. Among my collection, I particularly treasure the works by artist Lee In-hwa.





I naturally have a physique that doesn't quickly gain weight. I started home training to stay healthy and gained nearly 10kg, compared to my high school days. However, developing menus and frequently tasting tea led to unexpected weight loss. So, early this year, I began focusing on maintaining weight through regular meals and exercise. I use the company's 5th-floor gym, ensuring I eat well and continue my fitness routine for overall health.





Recently, I developed a collaboration menu inspired by Goutal's “Petite Chérie” perfume. I endeavored to visually represent the top notes of pear and peach and the heart note of rose. I paid close attention to ensuring customers could appreciate the complex taste, aroma, and texture. The goal was not to stop at “pretty and delicious” but to evoke an image in the mind. Collaborating with a world-class bartender, we created a menu item named ‘Ticket to Gallery’ at the OSULLOC Hannam branch alongside the Pace Gallery. This menu represents the excitement before entering an art gallery. I hope that customers find their senses fully satisfied with menues that are crafted by me.







‘My Hashtag’ shares your colleagues' thoughts on working at Amorepacific and sees how they are making a more beautiful life. The series uses five keywords to share their different lifestyles. Those keywords will help you find out what beauty each of them has in themselves.



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