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#ShortFormMaster, Chang Duk-won

Living the Dream Life as an Adult

innisfree Global GTM2 Team Chang Duk-won

Chang Duk-won of innisfree Global GTM2 Team has become an adult living her childhood dream of being a makeup artist. Since it was a seed she nurtured within herself, the journey brings more joy than challenges, and she does not hesitate to venture into broader and deeper realms. We discovered five keywords that shaped Deok-won's present through Amore Stories' My Hashtag.

As I prepared for art college entrance exams in high school, I met friends who were well-dressed. Until then, I only wore clothes my parents bought for me, but these friends introduced me to fashion and beauty. My aspiration to enhance my appearance was the beginning of my dream to become a makeup artist. The allure of makeup lies in its ability to accentuate an individual's strengths and make them more beautiful. Whenever I meet people, I often think about which style would suit them best. I also offer genuine beauty tips to friends who ask.

I produce short-form makeup videos for Amorepacific and innisfree's global channels. I also make appearances in these videos. Short-form content must convey multiple meanings in a limited time, so I strive to present it in a fun way that resonates with its primary audience, Gen Z. It's less about promoting product purchases and more about showcasing before-and-after results. It's more fun than challenging. I frequently consult various references and seek advice from influencer friends. While meeting customers offline is enjoyable, I believe the charm of my job lies in communicating with a broader audience online.

I've lived in various countries. I took a language course in Canada to enroll in a makeup school and attended a makeup school in the USA. I feel I've been positively influenced by the friends I met in each country. While living in New York, I made Chinese friends, which sparked my interest in working in Shanghai. I eventually worked in China and briefly worked in a related field in Japan as well. Living across diverse cultures made me realize “The world is vast, and not everything revolves around my immediate surroundings.”

I enjoy watching stand-up comedy during my free time. It inadvertently aids my English studies, and I genuinely enjoy the content. I'm particularly fond of comedians like Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, and Jimmy Yang. Having lived in the US, I reminisce about the times spent with friends, and the context of the jokes becomes even more relatable. I watch a lot of Japanese content to retain my fluency in Japanese. Recently, I've enjoyed Netflix's drama ‘First Love.’ Learning languages while deriving enjoyment is truly rewarding.

An indispensable accessory for me when stepping out is jewelry. My love for street fashion evolved into an interest in jewelry. There was a phase when I was obsessed with pearls and collected cubic zirconia items. Currently, I prefer a more refined and modern style. I buy items impulsively from local vendors or branded stores. My layering tip is to adorn wherever possible (laughs). I wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more than one ring on each hand. I match freely based on my outfit for the day. Lately, I've been wearing an Apple Watch strap daily. Its cubic zirconia design appeals to me.

‘My Hashtag’ shares your colleagues' thoughts on working at Amorepacific and sees how they are making a more beautiful life. The series uses five keywords to share their different lifestyles. Those keywords will help you find out what beauty each of them has in themselves.

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