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Anti-Aging Made Simple, Like a Snack: Beauty Snacking

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The scorching heat has subsided, making way for the gentle winds of fall. With this transition to a season marked by sharp temperature differences and drier air, the skin is more susceptible to accelerated aging, necessitating even more critical attention to anti-aging care. This year, we've seen intriguing variations on the anti-aging trend. Notably, the term “early anti-aging” stands out. Once perceived as exclusive to those in their 40s and 50s, the emphasis on anti-aging care has expanded to encompass those in their 20s and 30s. Let's delve deeper into the anti-aging trends of the younger generation.
Beauty Trend Report No.5
#Beauty snacking
Beauty Trend Report
Anti-Aging Trends for Individuals in their 20s and 30s

The current sentiment leans towards proactive care, aiming for graceful aging from a young age — often called “well-aging” or “slow-aging.” Quantitative data echoes this sentiment. As of June 2022, searches for “early aging”* on NAVER dramatically surged. Additionally, among the Amorepacific Beauty Point members, the purchase volume of anti-aging products by those in their 20s and 30s saw a modest yet notable increase of approximately 2% from the previous year.**


**Data from January to July 2022 for Beauty Point members.

아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG01-2▲Source : UCL 2023 Fall Trend Book

Yet, there's something particularly distinctive about the Millennials and Gen Z's approach to anti-aging. Amidst their hectic lives — during coffee breaks, meal times, or short respites — they've mastered the art of ‘beauty snacking,’ seizing every opportunity for skin care. The mobile beauty life platform ‘Hwahae’ and cosmetics ODM & OEM specialist UCL have also highlighted “beauty snacking” as a 2023 trend keyword. Given the growing prominence of the beauty snacking market, we aim to spotlight standout items within this trend.

1. Easy-to-Consume Inner Beauty Items from Anywhere

아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG02▲Source : Singles Magazine Website

Many immediately point to “collagen” as the emblematic ingredient when considering antioxidants. In a survey conducted by Singles Magazine last June involving 211 women*, collagen stood out as the health supplement of choice for early anti-aging, boasting a remarkable 44% preference, clinching the top spot. Another omnipresent and highly potent antioxidant is Vitamin C. It is widely recognized that consuming and assimilating it into the body proves most efficacious alongside the collagen mentioned above.

아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG03-1▲Vital Beauty Super Collagen Gummies
아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG03-2▲Vital Beauty Daily Vitamin Chewables

Collagen is predominantly available in liquid products, while Vitamin C is typically encapsulated. Yet, the preferences of those in their 20s and 30s diverge intriguingly. Their go-to? A chewy, gummy-type supplement, consumed almost like a casual snack. Vital Beauty's ‘Super Collagen Gummies’ show a purchase rate among those in their 30s at 28% — over double the purchase rate of their entire Super Collagen product lineup for that age group. The product boasts functional collagen, known for aiding skin hydration, biotin, gluten-free attributes, and more. All these benefits are smartly packed into a pouch, making it an effortless choice for on-the-go. Vital Beauty's ‘Daily Vitamin Chewables’ also have a significant purchase rate among those in their 30s, accounting for 35% of the total. They've become highly favored for hassle-free consumption with 14 kinds of vitamins and minerals and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. A common theme for these products? The frequent mentions of ‘convenience and ease of consumption.’ A noticeable trend in reviews of the Daily Vitamin Chewables includes praises such as, 'It's non-irritating and easy to eat. I keep it at my office desk and consume it daily. It feels like snacking, yet I feel my condition improving.**'Their ability to be consumed anywhere without water, combined with their tasty and health-conscious nature, perfectly encapsulates the ‘Healthy Pleasure’ ethos that resonates with the tastes of the Millennials and Gen Z.

*Results from a survey conducted from June 9 to 15, 2022, on Singles Plus (www.thesingle.co.kr) with 211 female participants.

**Reviews from female users aged 35-39 and 25-29 on Amore Mall.

Maximizing Impact with Minimalistic Hybrid Items

아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG04-1▲Maximizing Impact with Minimalistic Hybrid Items
아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG04-2▲innisfree Forest for Men Anti-Aging All-in-One Essence

The call for multifunctional beauty products boasting simple applications has never been louder in our fast-paced age. Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, as remote work and virtual meetings have carved out a permanent space in our daily lives, consumers have developed a knack for micromanaging their time. Accordingly, beauty products have evolved to offer compact size and comprehensive care. Emblematic of this trend are innisfree's ‘Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Glow Eye & Face Ball’ and ‘Forest for Men Anti-Aging All-in-One Essence.’ The The Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Glow Eye & Face Ballis a roller-type serum explicitly crafted for the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth – areas most prone to wrinkling. Infused with green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, and subtle shimmering pearls, its lightweight, moisturizing texture is applied using an attached massage ball. This delivers a dual experience: a cooling sensation and a de-puffing effect.While the product primarily resonates with individuals in their 40s concerned about aging, 27% of buyers are in their 30s, and a notable 16% are in their 20s, underscoring its widespread appeal. Customer reviews reflect high satisfaction with its application and storage methods. Comments like, ‘It's effective for targeted care. Applying with the tip and massage simultaneously without getting it on your hands is convenient. Cleaning the ball after use is hygienic. Its compact size is also portable,**are not uncommon. Meanwhile, as the grooming market witnesses a discernible surge, the Forest for Men Anti-Aging All-in-One Essenceestablishes itself with fervent support from men in their 30s. This demographic constitutes 35% of its buyers. Among all buyers of the Forest All-in-One line, 41% of those in their 30s have purchased this particular product.It promises the allure of a simplified skincare routine, addressing both wrinkles and dull skin tones with a single product. Its gel-like texture, which sets without any stickiness, especially appeals to men with oilier skin. These products resonate with the ‘Skinimalism*’ trend, a portmanteau of ‘skin’ and ‘minimalism.’ As the movement towards reducing excessive skincare gains momentum, these items are anticipated to ascend as favorites among Millennials and Gen Z.

*A neologism combining ‘skin’ and ‘minimalism.’

**Reviews from female customers aged 20-30 on the innisfree mall.

3. The Rising Star of Anti-Aging: Retinol Serum

아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG05-1▲Source : Singles Magazine Website, Period: June 9th-15th, 2022, 211 female respondents.

Following the previously mentioned flagship anti-aging component ‘collagen,’ another ingredient is making waves: retinol. In a survey conducted by Singles, retinol clinched the second spot as a preferred anti-aging ingredient, garnering a response rate of 26%. Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is acclaimed for its efficacy in treating wrinkles, enhancing skin tone and structure, and addressing acne. Unlike other components that act on the skin's surface, retinol penetrates deep into the skin, aiding in the production of collagen and elastin fibers, and has recently been in the limelight for these very reasons. However, there's a catch. It can induce irritation if applied in amounts or concentrations exceeding what's deemed appropriate. This unpredictability, especially on sensitive skin, coupled with various constraints — like the recommendation to use it only at night — has labeled retinol as a component with a relatively high barrier to entry.

That being said, thanks to recent advancements in retinol stabilization technology, a new generation of products has emerged, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of retinol without the associated apprehension. Prominent among these are IOPE's ‘Retinol Super Bounce Serum’ and primera's ‘Youth Radiance Vitaretinol Serum.’

아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG05-2▲IOPE Retinol Super Bounce Serum
아모레뉴스-231004뷰티스낵킹_IMG05-3▲primera Youth Radiance Vitaretinol Serum

Firstly, Retinol Super Bounce Serumisn't merely a concoction of pure retinol. Instead, it's crafted upon a technology stabilizing a composite formula, blending pure retinol, two distinct retinoid components, and encapsulated retinol. Beyond enhancing skin density and elasticity, this product addresses multiple signs of skin aging and allows day-night usage, regardless of the time. While anti-aging essences typically find favor among the middle-aged demographic, this particular serum has caught the eye of the younger lot. Notably, 40% of its purchases are attributed to those in their 20s and 30s, with the 30-somethings accounting for a significant 33% of this pie — a trend worth highlighting. Similarly, Youth Radiance Vitaretinol Serumsees a high purchase proportion, 37% to be exact, from those in their 20s and 30s. Launched simultaneously with primera's rebranding, this product couples ultra-pure retinol with vitamin C, stabilizing retinol in an optimal ratio that heightens efficacy without burdening the skin. Outstanding in improving elasticity, refining pores, and diminishing wrinkles, this non-irritating formula yields even better results when applied twice daily. Both serums above are characterized by their lightweight, non-greasy base — a serum texture that resonates especially with Millennials and Gen Z, who hold product texture in high regard. To conclude our exploration of the anti-aging trend, specifically beauty snacking, it seems apt to frame early adoption of anti-aging regimes not as an indulgence but rather as cultivating a habit. As one age, altering habits grows more challenging; establishing sound routines earlier can manifest markedly different outcomes decades later. In that spirit, perhaps taking that initial step towards cultivating good habits through beauty snacking might be worth considering.

  • Data source Beauty Point members
  • Review Review Dashboard, Amore Mall, innisfree Mall
  • Period January - August 2023
  • Image source Amore Mall, Getty Image
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