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Amorepacific Launches ‘AMORE:CYCLE’ Campaign for On-Offline Container Collection

- Expanding offline container collection started in 2009 to include online initiatives
- Leading in plastic reduction efforts by significantly broadening the scope of collected items




Amorepacific has announced their continued pursuance in plastic reduction starting January of 2024, by launching an on-offline container collection service, the ‘AMORE:CYCLE’ campaign.

Amorepacific will be expanding the scope of the AMORE:CYCLE campaign started in 2009 in collecting containers offline, to now include online participation. Free container collection services are available upon applying on AmoreMall, the official Amorepacific mall site, and putting at least 10 containers packed into a box with ‘AmoreMall Container Collection’ written down, placed outside the front door. To encourage participation, an event offering 5,000 Beauty Points, the integrated membership points of Amorepacific, will be rewarded to those participating for the first time.

The AMORE:CYCLE campaign is also set to significantly expand the range of collected items to increase the proportion of plastic that is actually recycled. Along with the previously collected cosmetics containers in glass or plastic, the campaign now includes a wider array of items such as hair, body, and hand care products, as well as makeup items such as cushions, compacts, and perfumes. The collected containers undergo physical recycling through primary and secondary sorting procedures conducted by Amorepacific and plastic/glass recycling companies. However, items that are difficult to physically recycle are processed through thermal energy recovery methods.

Amorepacific, since its founding has been striving to create a more beautiful world based on a deep empathy towards customers, society, and nature. Since the declaration of ‘Unlimited Corporate Responsibility’ in 1993 to emphasize the 4R Strategy (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Return), Amorepacific has been building a plastic circulation model focusing on reducing unnecessary plastic use, improving recyclability, and reusing and collecting containers. Since 2009, with the initiation of glass and plastic container collection campaign, a total of 2,473 tons of empty containers were collected by 2022.

Last December, the company launched the 'LESS PLASTIC. WE ARE FANTASTIC!' campaign, pledging company-wide plastic reduction and aiming to resolve plastic issues in collaboration with customers. Apart from 'AMORE:CYCLE,' the initiative involves collaboration with social enterprises and ventures to discover solutions for plastic issues and programs aimed at improving plastic awareness and practices among company employees.

Detailed information about 'AMORE:CYCLE' as part of the 'LESS PLASTIC. WE ARE FANTASTIC!' campaign can be found on AmoreMall.

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