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Vitalbeautie's 'Myungjaksu' Surpasses 1 Trillion Won in Cumulative Sales

- A red ginseng product consistently loved by the middle-aged and elderly since its launch in 2013
- Recently upgraded to Myungjaksu Gold, perfect as a holiday gift option





Vitalbeautie, an inner beauty brand that provides highly effective solutions, has surpassed 1 trillion won in cumulative sales on their representative product, ‘Myungjaksu’. First launched in 2013, Myungjaksu has been consistently loved by the middle-aged and elderly customers, becoming Vitalbeautie's flagship product.


Myungjaksu is a premium health functional food containing red ginseng and ginseng fruit provided in ampoules, which can help boost immunity and alleviate fatigue. In 2014, it was the first in the domestic red ginseng industry to receive the Jang Yeong-sil Award, and in 2023, it won the Monde Selection Gold Award, receiving recognition both domestically and internationally.


Myungjaksu contains ginseng fruit, a rare ingredient obtainable only once in a lifetime of a ginseng root, and is based on decades of ginseng research expertise, utilizing the "Ginsengberry Standardization Technology." Applying the ‘Cheonsamhwa’ technology, which maximizes the unique components of red ginseng through ultra-high pressure reaching 6,000 atmospheres, the product's effectiveness has been enhanced more than ever.


Vitalbeautie recently renewed the long-loved Myungjaksu as 'Myungjaksu Gold.' Myungjaksu Gold contains an immune-enhancing and fatigue-alleviating functional formula meticulously blended by Vitalbeautie researchers, and newly added zinc and niacin to red ginseng, which can help boost immunity and aid in fatigue recovery. Additionally, the amount of ginseng fruit as raw material has been increased by 9% compared to the previous version, and L-arginine has also been added.


A Vitalbeautie official stated, "Myungjaksu is a red ginseng product that can be conveniently consumed with one ampoule a day, and has been consistently loved for over a decade." They further added, "Myungjaksu Gold, newly introduced with an emphasis on enhancing immunity and fatigue recovery for the middle-aged and elderly, is recommended for those who seek to give filial piety gifts or take care of their health."



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