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Sulwhasoo Launches ‘Sangbaek Sun Care’ Line

- Sulwhasoo’s flagship suncare line upgraded into three formulations
- Achieving flawless, seamless sun care with a powerful 5-layer defense


Sangbaek Sun Care Products from Left: Sangbaek Tone-up Sunscreen, Sanbaek Sun Fluid, Sangbaek Sun Cream



Global luxury beauty brand Sulwhasoo is unveiling the Sangbaek Sun Care line, offering effective UV protection even in harmful environments.

Sulwhasoo’s Sangbaek Cream is a representative luxury sun care product long beloved by customers. The new Sangbaek Sun Care line consists of three products: ‘Sangbaek Sun Cream’, ‘Sangbaek Tone-up Sunscreen’, and ‘Sangbaek Sun Fluid’. In addition to the existing two formulations, a water-proof fluid time has been added, providing customers with a choice tailored to their needs.

Each product in the Sangbaek Sun Care line contains niacinamide, promoting clearer skin tone. Furthermore, beyond blocking UVA and UVB rays, the products also shield against infrared rays, fine dust, and blue light, contributing to maintaining healthy skin with each application.

The newly improved Sangbaek Sun Cream is a moisture-adhering sunscreen providing a 12-hour hydration. With a robust 5-layer defense, the product shields against harmful environmental factors on the skin surface, and keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day with a potent moisturizing effect on the inside. The thin and smoothly absorbing characters of the cream leaves no stickiness and provides immediate moisture to the skin.

Sangbaek Tone-up Sunscreen delivers a natural yet sophisticated tone-up effect, making it suitable as an alternative to base makeup. With a refreshing texture similar to lotion, it effortlessly evens out skin tone, enhancing makeup durability without the worry of smudges.

Sangbaek Sun Fluid is a water-proof sun fluid product that remains intact against water, sweat, and heat. Its non-sticky and lightweight texture ensures a comfortable application. The product does not leave residues on the skin surface, making it suitable even for oily skin. The unique design of the container, resembling the irregular curves of the traditional Korean pottery, is also to be noted.

The new Sangbaek Sun Care line will be initially available online on January 29, with in-store availability in Sulwhasoo stores in nationwide department stores, Sulwhasoo flagship stores, Amoremall and Naver Brand Store from February 1.

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