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Interview with Brian Byung-Fhy Suh, the man who aspires to be the best with innovation

Brian Byung-Fhy Suh, head of R&I unit head

With a strong belief of the founder that ‘the company must gain advantage in science and technology to become a global leader,’ AMOREPACIFIC became the first Korean beauty company to open a research center in 1954. For about 70 years, AMOREPACIFIC’s never-ending spirit of challenge and innovation, and its unrelenting commitment to R&D enabled steady growth. A! People sat down with Mr. Brian Byung-Fhy Suh, head of the R&I unit, to discover more stories of innovative research and technology projects designed to offer the first-ever and best products to global consumers. Click on the link below to check out the interview!





Tell us about AMOREPACIFIC R&I Center.
AMOREPACIFIC R&I Center is Korea’s first cosmetics lab founded in 1954. Over the past 70 years, it has leveraged the power of world-class novel technologies to lead the growth of K-beauty innovation and market by creating new categories such as the world's first skincare containing traditional Asian herbs like ginseng, retinol skincare, cushion foundation, cream skin, and lip sleeping masks.



What drives AMOREPACIFIC’s R&I?
By harnessing the DNA of innovation, AMOREPACIFIC R&I Center keeps pushing itself to become the best version of itself. For instance, after selecting 10 core technologies that will transform the future of the beauty industry, the Center is making heavy investment to take them to the next level, while moving towards its ambitious goal of revolutionizing beauty with ingredients and formulations that customers have never experienced before.
In addition, the Center is striving to step outside its comfort zone of local success and take a new approach to tomorrow’s success in a bid to boost global competitiveness. It is against this background that the Center is laser-focused on securing a competitive advantage across the board, including formulation development, RA, clinical testing, and flavor.





Tell us also about AMOREPACIFIC R&I Center’s global footprint.
With six centers around the world, including Korea, the Americas, China, APAC, EMEA, and Japan, AMOREPACIFIC R&I Center is dedicated to R&D that can contribute to global business performance and to gaining a competitive edge. Going forward, the Center will continue to put customers first when bringing innovative technologies to the market.





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