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HERA presents UNDEFINED exhibition with 15 artists

- C.CREW, an artist group involved in HERA’s collaborative art project that kicked off in 2022, will display 36 artworks
- Free admission from March 12 to 31 at Amore Seongsu with no need to book ahead





Contemporary Seoul beauty brand HERA is hosting Undefined, an exhibition of artworks at Amore Seongsu until March 31st.


The exhibition showcases a collection of artworks, documentaries and interviews of HERA C.CREW (Creative Crew), which consists of 15 artists.


Launched in 2022, HERA’s creative artist group C.CREW works on collaborative art projects on the themes of ‘Seoul’ and ‘Myself’ to spread the aesthetic beauty and values of Seoul in HERA-exclusive ways.


The second group of C.CREW – participating artists in Undefined – brings together talented Seoul-based artists working across diverse genres, including craft, creative art furniture, and 3D. The exhibition features 36 artworks that mirror the artists’ interpretation of HERA’s brand philosophy, log reports in Seoul, as well as works that reflect their challenges and artistic philosophy as emerging artists.


Undefined will run from March 12 to 31 at Amore Seongsu, and will remain free with no need to book ahead. More information about the exhibition can be found on HERA's official Instagram and website.


Aspiring to lead Seoul beauty, HERA has successfully collaborated with various artists and brands that best capture Seoul's charm and culture, such as AUFGLET, MYP CREW, and 39ETC.



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- Members of the second group of C.CREW: 아미라, 보트, 버터컵, 하형, 하피, 정해강, 권근수, 미리, 밍예스, MINRAINDALI, 올로호요, 실버 조, 스튜디오 차차, 서수현, 선리

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