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e-commerce Division Head Kim Keong-yeon Interview

Dedicated to upholding brand values and listening to customers

e-commerce Division Head Kim Keong-yeon

Amorepacific is directly engaging with customers through our own brand store, Amore Mall, as well as through a variety of e-commerce channels. Curious about some of the ways that the beauty industry is conducting e-commerce? A! People spoke with Kim Keong-yeon, head of Amorepacific's e-commerce division, and we learned a lot! Click the link below for our conversation.

What does Amorepacific's e-commerce division do?
The e-commerce division operates the direct online shopping mall ‘Amore Mall (www.amoremall.com)’ and engages with customers through various external e-commerce platforms and live commerce. Amore Mall stands as representative D2C (Direct To Customer) mall of Amorepacific, featuring products from over 30 of our brands while providing diverse content and services to customers. Earlier this year, we launched the Global Amore Mall (https://global.amoremall.com), establishing an infrastructure capable of shipping to over 80 countries worldwide. Moreover, we connect our products and customers through major domestic e-commerce platforms, such as general online malls, department store malls, open markets, and vertical malls.

What benefits do customers receive from the direct mall, ‘Amore Mall’?
At Amore Mall, customers can swiftly access all Amorepacific brand products in one place. It's an inclusive digital communication space where they can experience content and events reflecting each brand's core values alongside content created by customers, brands, professional creators, and even the latest beauty trends. Through our varied membership tiers, customers can enjoy distinctive benefits. By early next year, we are also preparing a total beauty service offering AI skin diagnostics, skin care tips, and tailored beauty and inner product recommendations.

What focus do you place on ensuring customers seek out Amorepacific's brands on e-commerce platforms?
We always strive to listen to our customers' voices and make data-driven decisions. As e-commerce is a non-face-to-face business, every moment a customer experiences online is a touchpoint. Meticulous attention is needed for product searches, reading product details and reviews, placing orders, receiving deliveries, and interacting with customer service. If customers feel discomfort or dissatisfaction in any part of this process, they won't return to that channel. As details are vital in e-commerce, our primary focus is to address customer pain points and fulfill their needs.

Moreover, data analysis is crucial in online business. Especially, by closely examining Amore Mall's data, we continuously strive to provide a better brand experience for our customers. This involves improvements at the platform level and collaborating with individual brands to understand customer purchasing patterns and address areas of improvement. Through such efforts, our ultimate goal is to foster true brand advocates for Amorepacific.

What distinguishes Amorepacific in the e-commerce business?
Prioritizing our brand values and strenuously trying to see things from a customer's perspective. We work hard to accurately convey the message our brand wishes to communicate to customers. Whether it's a thumbnail, detail page, or even a single image, we ensure to communicate with the brand beforehand, adhere to set standards, and maintain consistent brand messaging and tone & manner.

Additionally, we constantly sense and strive to understand customer preferences, values, and lifestyles around the clock. Based on these insights, we timely offer products aligned with customer needs and refine our services to ensure a seamless purchase journey. This extends to ensuring that the content within our channels, including images, videos, product names, or usage methods, is easily understandable and engaging for customers, providing differentiated customer services. Moving forward, we will continually identify and address issues to enhance and ensure our customers experience a more convenient and enjoyable shopping journey.

What is the future vision for the Amorepacific e-commerce business?
Amorepacific is a living history of K-Beauty, possessing a beautiful mission of “A MORE Beautiful World” for 78 years. Based on such heritage and capabilities rooted in this mission, we want to aptly introduce and allow customers to experience the remarkable products of Amorepacific. Our goal is to inform customers of the excellence of our products and brand through content that resonates and elicits spontaneous responses, offering the best ways to experience our products from the customer's perspective.

For our D2C platform, we aim to grow meaningfully grounded on brand values and maintain an overwhelming number one position across all domestic e-commerce platforms in external channels. In close communication with these platforms, we strive to be the first to take on new initiatives, constantly engage with our faithful fans, and align our brand direction with platform strategies. We want to unveil platform-specific tailored strategies. Being the most adept organization in e-commerce among domestic brands, ensuring mutual growth of the platform and brand, and allowing customers to experience more extraordinary beauty is the vision of Amorepacific e-commerce.

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