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AP, a new brand reinvented through rebranding, 
delivers high-performance skincare solutions

- The integration of 70 years of skin research assets, offering groundbreaking results
- Dual Repair Lift Cream combining derma treatment technologies provides overwhelming skincare experience




The AMOREPACIFIC brand reinvents itself into AP, or Apex of Skincare, that unveils beauty beyond.

With the continued growth of the high-end luxury skincare market, AP has closely watched the trend towards the parallel use of dermatological procedures that promise short-term results. AMOREPACIFIC underwent complete rebranding into a high-performance, high-end skincare brand to respond to such market shift. As a result, the brand was reinvented by adding its differentiated active ingredients and technology onto the existing brand and the company’s heritage.

AP zeroes in on three core elements: breakthrough technology, patented novel ingredients, and expert tested visible results. These are the culmination of over 70 years’ skin research assets and over 3,000 patented technologies of the Amorepacific group, providing absolute results for skin concerns that conventional cosmetics could not address.

Under the principle that the brand releases only products that passed rigorous screening, building on the brand philosophy that beauty can surpass the innate level, AP launches the M.D. line as the new major line of the brand. Dual Repair Lift Cream is the core product of the M.D. line, and AP becomes the first brand of the Amorepacific Group to combine high-performance ingredients and technology that used to be applied only to dermatological treatments with cosmetics.

Dual Repair Lift Cream is a high-performance anti-aging cream that has achieved synergy between PDRN and EXOYNE, patented ingredients independently developed by AP. Together, they provide powerful repair and lifting effects. Highly concentrated PDRN used in dermatological treatment repairs skin from the surface to the inner layers. On the other hand, EXOYNE facilitates skin lifting, targeting key components associated with elasticity with over 34%(1) stronger effects than peptides. The patented formula penetrates 10 layers(2) deep into skin, restoring skin barrier by 88% in just three days while improving elasticity by 50.6% in four weeks.

In particular, the latest release provides even more dramatic results when used after an intensive dermatological treatment. According to a clinical test, customers who used Dual Repair Lift Cream showed 213%(3) improvement in skin elasticity and 202% higher recovery rate of damaged skin barrier compared to the control group who used ordinary cream. Results show that Dual Repair Lift Cream improves skin density and expedites the recovery of damaged skin barrier, thereby maximizing the effects and retention power of the dermatological treatment.

“We developed and launched a product applied with AP’s finest ingredients and technology from the Amorepacific Group’s dermatological research asset based on AP’s brand philosophy that beauty has no limits. We expect to lead the paradigm shift in the skincare market in the future,” said Kim Jong-ha, AP Brand President at Amorepacific.

AP opened the renovated stores in major department stores across the country including Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, and Hyundai Department Store beginning January 28.



(1) Based on results from an in-vitro test
(2) Based on taping of the stratum corneum 10 times
(3) Improvement rate in self-assessment scores when comparing Dual Repair Lift Cream with regular cream after four weeks of use

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