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Simmon, The Power That Moves Me to Dance



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In an era where beauty comes from ‘being oneself,’ Amorepacific’s fresh content series, “Exploring New Beauty,” seeks to engage individuals across generations, diving into their personal narratives of their own beauty. Episode eighth introduces the story of Simmon, a dancer who captured the public's attention on "Street Dance Girls Fighter." This episode explores her passion for dance and her distinctive notion of beauty.








In an age where countless pieces of content flood in by the second, creators face the challenge of capturing attention within mere moments. What makes people pause their relentless scrolling on small phone screens? Simmon, the seventh protagonist of ‘Exploring New Beauty’, is a dancer who has captivated audiences with her energetic presence. Her radiant smile under the blue sky and powerful movements instantly transports viewers to a brighter moment. Even the most disheartened individuals find themselves nodding to the beat and smiling when watching her dance. Here is the story of Simmon, whose presence is like the summer sun.




From a Dance-Loving Child to the Stage

When did you start dancing, Simmon?

I started dancing at the age of five. I remember pestering my mom because I thought ballet costumes were pretty. After some twists and turns, I got into a ballet academy, but either due to the number of students or my short height, I was told I couldn't join. I cried all the way home, and that’s when I discovered a broadcasting dance academy. However, even as a child, I had a strong perfectionist streak and didn’t want to show my unskilled moves. I watched the classes sitting on my mom's lap for about a year. Thanks to my mom’s perseverance, I continued attending the academy and could continue dancing.


Do you remember your first time performing in front of people?

It was probably when I was six. There was a regular academy recital in a large park in Chuncheon. I danced to a Wonder Girls song among much older girls and boys. I vividly remember my kindergarten teachers coming with bouquets. That memory made me love the stage ever since.





How did it feel to advance to the finals in the locking category of ‘Old School Night’?

I thought it was unbelievable. Old School Night is a significant battle event held over two days, featuring not just locking but other genres like popping and waacking. Our team made it to the top eight in the locking category. Having danced together for years, my partner and I had a strong synergy, which was our strength. We were grateful to advance to the round of 16 and then to the top eight. Our final opponents were our idols, and dancing in front of them was an honor. I remember repeatedly saying, "This is unforgettable."


What drives you to challenge yourself continually in such large competitions?

The joy I felt on stage at six still propels me today. I love performing on big, impressive stages. The happiness of dancing on stage drives me to keep challenging myself, and over time, it has solidified my goal of performing on even larger stages. Joining the team ‘French Fries’ gave me confidence. Being with peers who share my passion motivates me to work hard like them.


Your latest personal project video is also impressive.

As dancers, our activity scope can sometimes feel limited to stage battles, performances, TV shows, and commercials. Now, with the era of short-form content, it’s even more prominent. Although I often use short-form content, I wanted to show that I can also create long-form content. The video includes many visual elements, making locking more accessible to the general audience. I aim to showcase my work through various tools and methods.





Fueling Forward with Small Joys

What changes have occurred in your life since "Street Dance Girls Fighter"? Conversely, what has remained the same?

Life has become much busier. I often find myself short on practice time and personal moments, constantly being pulled in different directions. Despite these changes, one thing that remains constant is my pursuit of small happiness. It's surprising how, amidst the hustle, I still make an effort to find moments of healing. I still meet with the same friends, making it feel like nothing has changed despite the shifting environment.


You mentioned seeking small happiness. What brings you joy?

After moving here, I've taken up a hobby of caring for plants. This interest has grown, leading me to read books about plants. I also love animation. Watching fun animations or reading comic books brings me happiness. I enjoy visiting tea houses, going to jjimjilbang (Korean dry sauna) alone, and trying unique experiences—or sometimes just doing nothing at all.





While you enjoy calm personal time, you also show a dynamic side through various contents. What dance or movement best represents you?

I hope people associate me with locking when they think of me. Many see me as having a mischievous image, and I agree. Watching my dance videos, I often seem shockingly excited, even making expressions I don’t remember. Through my locking performances, I’d love for people to think of me as an exciting and cool trickster.


Do you think the sense of brightness in your dance comes from genuinely enjoying the moment?

Absolutely. Dancing makes all my worries disappear, no matter what they are. Even when burdened with concerns, dancing makes me forget everything. I think my genuine enjoyment is reflected in my content. Seeing my flaws motivates me to improve, making dance a passionate pursuit, almost like a destined task.


Everyone experiences moments of fatigue, no matter how much they love something.

Of course. When I feel that way, I seek happiness. Instead of pushing myself with a ‘must do more’ mindset, I prioritize today's happiness and seek immediate healing. Watching animation or visiting a botanical garden recharges me, giving me the energy to dance again. I recharge through everyday joys and move forward once more.


What keeps you dancing continuously?

Dancing is what I do best and love the most, so I need to see it through. In a way, I chose my path earlier than most. While other professionals start building stable careers now, being a dancer is more unstable than it seems. Consistency is vital for a stable dance career. Honestly, I never tire of dancing. I sign up for battles, and dancing is part of my daily routine. Many of my friends have faced slumps, but I haven't. Even when it’s tough, I recover quickly and continue to enjoy it.


How do you want to be remembered as a dancer?

I want to be remembered as an impressive dancer who is a role model for others. I aspire to be the kind of dancer who makes others think, “I want to dance like her.” The dancers I admire share a dynamic style and impeccable rhythm from years of practice and experience. I hope to become like them with the same skill and elegance someday.





Stacking Up Inner Resilience

What would you want to convey if you were to describe your dance with one emotion or sensation?

I want to convey energy. I aim to deliver a surge of energy with each movement. While it's terrific to perform dances that make people cheer, I aspire to perform dances that leave them in awe. I want to inspire hope in others. Given my petite and slender frame, I've often faced disadvantages. I hope other small dancers see me and think, "I can do that too."


When do you feel most like yourself? Can you share a recent anecdote about such a moment?

Though my life hasn't been long, it's always been peaceful. I believe every part of it reflects who I am. I've navigated through everything well, and this inner strength has allowed me to live happily, making it hard to pinpoint a single moment. I rarely receive negative comments, but sometimes people mention my height. Even when I hear such things, I don't dwell on them for long. Moments where I can laugh off such comments are when I feel most like myself.


Where does this resilience of yours come from?

My parents' love, perhaps? (Laughs) I've been told I was an ‘old soul’ since I was young, with a solid inner core. Even in potentially overwhelming moments, I’ve never crumbled or had conflicts with friends. Though I haven’t faced extraordinary challenges, living like this naturally strengthened me. My friends think I’m a pure "F" personality type, as that's how I interact with people. In reality, I have a solid, rational personality. My strength lies in this hidden, resilient core.





Do you have any new challenges planned?

As a team, we plan to create a performance that lasts over an hour, entirely of our own making. Rather than a simple guest performance, we want to plan and produce a show with a story. I have a strong desire to achieve many things as a team. In the immediate future, we have another battle coming up soon, and I aim to dance in a way that satisfies me.


It seems you value 'satisfaction' over 'winning.'

Winning is fantastic, of course. However, there have been many moments when, despite performing, I wasn’t pleased with my dance—those times left me feeling unsettled. So, I’ve grown to appreciate dances that clearly show my effort and care. Winning naturally follows if you dance well, but I prefer dances where my hard work and intentions are evident.


What is the most essential value in your life?

Happiness is paramount. Small joys accumulate to become the source of strength for each day. Significant achievements, like winning battles, are lovely, but small pleasures, like ‘having a delicious meal,’ are crucial. I also want to dance healthily for a long time. An injury kept me from dancing for a year, which made me realize the importance of health. Being able to dance for a long time feels like a blessing. I want to dance for as long as possible.







‘Exploring New Beauty’ introduces the stories of individuals across different generations as they discover ‘their own beauty’ within various lifestyles.


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